From 1928 until today ARISTOKRATIKON remains faithful to the tradition of authentic chocolate, high taste and pure ingredients. The obsession with quality, Greek products, human hands, fresh production, new ideas have made you and us custodians of its history. But nothing would have happened without your trust in our name. Thank you and we invite you to a wandering in the past, the present and the future of authentic chocolate and the delicious journeys that enclose each of our chocolates.



You will feel it entering our stores. You will read it in the smile of the experienced saleswoman. You will admire it in the wonderful packaging … and it will captivate you with the first bite.
The creations of ARISTOKRATIKON are at the service of high quality, aesthetics, long tradition, handmade and daily production.
Each chocolate is very fresh, made from the purest and best Greek products, unique in taste (the recipes are secret) and is a part of the history of ARISTOKRATIKON.

blankThe secret of success of a company that wins time, is not only the unattainable quality and taste. It is of course the family tradition. Thomas Bitsopoulos (4th generation) together with Georgios Bitsopoulos write today the modern history of ARISTOKRATIKON. George Bitsopoulos received the baton from his mother Toula Bitsopoulos.


It all started when his grandfather Panagiotis Karras came in 1928 from Vasiliko Pogoniou of Epirus to Athens, to invest his business demon in a chocolate dream.

At number 2 of Bucharest Street next to the cafe of Zacharatos, the ARISTOKRATIKON triumphed, became the trademark of the bon-viveurs, gave the dynamic Greek presence to the international chocolate aristocracy and opened new avenues of taste, quality and inspiration.

In February 1939 came the official recognition. ARISTOKRATIKON won the Gold Medal at the International Industrial and Special Confectionery Exhibition of Athens.

blankIn 1960 the first Greek confiserie moved to number 6 on Bucharest Street, opposite the Pallas Cinema.
Maria Callas was constantly stocked with her favorite box of peanut punches, Jackie Kennedy preferred rose and vanilla-flavored Turkish delights, and Grace Kelly preferred candy peanuts, as the photo testifies.

The Queen of Spain, Sofia, prefers mint leaves and I do not forget to visit the ARISTOKRATIKON every time she is in our country.

Since 1983, the Kifissia store has been added to the chocolate map, which daily supplies the northern suburbs with sweets ῾of the day ῾ thanks to the personal care of Despina Bitsopoulou, the owner’s husband.

blankIn 1994, the store in the center of Athens was moved to number 9 on Karageorgi Serbias Street, in a luxurious space designed by the architect Dimitris Rizos.

In 2010 comes our new store, online via internet this time. With the e-shop we have the opportunity to combine traditional values with modern reality.

In 2012, the Syntagma store is moved to 7 Voulis Street, in a larger space for the best service of our customers.

The traditional values, the passion and the faith in the tradition of George Bitsopoulos, his wife and their eldest son continue today with consistency and success the philosophy of the grandfather.

The flavors of ARISTOKRATIKON, remain unchanged over time.

Belief in grandfather recipes is sacred. A grain of sugar above or a drop of cherry less can upset the taste balance. The secrets of proportions and blends are passed down from generation to generation. The same goes for dessert infusion techniques. Thanks to the human factor, every chocolate is unique and unrepeatable. The machines failed to replace the creation of the hands. In order to achieve the special flavors of ARISTOKRATIKON they require the soul and spirit of the maker. Otherwise they would not be so special.

The HANDMADE masterpieces of ARISTOKRATIKON touch the most sensitive strings of the palate thanks to the selected Greek products they contain. With the precision of a fanatical winemaker who chooses the grapes from roga to roga, our confectioners choose one by one the Skopelos plums, the pistachios of Aegina, the chestnuts of Pelion, the sour cherries of Tripoli. They trust Greek products not only by tradition, but mainly with the certainty that they are the best in the world. And they feel lucky to be in Greece and can create with such unparalleled materials.
Lucky and those who enjoy his creations.


    Panagiotis and Olga Karra

    Panagiotis Karras came in 1928 from Vasiliko Pogoniou of Epirus to Athens, to invest his business genius in a chocolate dream. At number 2 of Bucharest Street, ARISTOKRATIKON triumphed. It gave a dynamic Greek presence to the international chocolate aristocracy and opened new avenues of taste, quality and inspiration in confectionery.

  • Toula Bitsopoulou

    Tula Bitsopoulou received the baton from her father. Tradition and philosophy passed to the next generation and ARISTOKRATIKON passed into a new era with the second store in Kifissia. The personal care of the Bitsopoulou family highlights the chocolates-jewelry of ARISTOKRATIKON in a delicious delusion.



    George and Despina Bitsopoulou

    With the personal care of George and Despina Bitsopoulou, the workshop of “ARISTOKRATIKON” moved to Isaavron Street. George Bitsopoulos chose to work in his paternal home which he restored and adapted to the needs of his laboratory and offices. At the same time, the chocolate heart of the center of Athens has been beating since 1994 at 9 Karageorgi Serbias Street, in Syntagma.

  • Thomas and Pericles Bitsopoulos

    The fourth generation ARISTOCRATIC writes its own history. The range of products is expanding while maintaining traditional values. Handmade production and pure materials triumph. In 2010 comes the third online store, this time online. A focal point between traditional values and modern reality.



    Lenio and Despina Bitsopoulou

    The fifth generation is here and is growing up in the tradition of authentic chocolate. We hope to continue the chocolate dream started by the founder of Aristokratikon, Panagiotis Karras.