The Aristokratikon workshop on Isavron Street at the foot of Lycabetus hill is all you have ever imagined of the traditional workshops of the greatest chocolate producers.

As you approach the entrance, you are pleasantly lured by the intoxicating aroma of chocolate and tradition. But once within, you find yourself in the future, more specifically in the future of handmade chocolate. Twenty-one technicians work like bees, mixing chocolate, preparing creams, caramelizing pistachios and packing them into special boxes. All our chocolates are delivered to our stores for sale on the very same day they are created.

The cellar is a real treasury: huge chocolate bars, crates with all sorts of nuts and dried fruit, and barrels of fermenting sherry.

The chocolate fantasy reaches its apogee as we climb the steps to the offices of Aristokratikon. All the walls are decorated with enlarged pictures of our chocolate masterpieces. Amongst them, the first prize for the 1939 International Exhibition hangs with pride. Another indication of the weight tradition carries in Aristokratikon is the history of the building itself.

It was the Bitsopoulos family home where George Bitsopoulos grew up. He renovated the residence and adapted it to the requirements of the workshop and offices, for in here the guiding memories of his forefathers live on. Here resides the spirit of the elixir of the gods, of pure chocolate.

Belief in grandfather recipes is sacred. A grain of sugar above or a drop of cherry less can upset the taste balance. The secrets of proportions and blends are passed down from generation to generation. The same goes for dessert infusion techniques. Thanks to the human factor, every chocolate is unique and unrepeatable. The machines failed to replace the creation of the hands. In order to achieve the special flavors of ARISTOKRATIKON they require the soul and spirit of the maker. Otherwise they would not be so special.

The HANDMADE masterpieces of ARISTOKRATIKON touch the most sensitive strings of the palate thanks to the selected Greek products they contain. With the precision of a fanatical winemaker who chooses the grapes from roga to roga, our confectioners choose one by one the Skopelos plums, the pistachios of Aegina, the chestnuts of Pelion, the sour cherries of Tripoli. They trust Greek products not only by tradition, but mainly with the certainty that they are the best in the world. And they feel lucky to be in Greece and can create with such unparalleled materials.
Lucky and those who enjoy his creations.